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My name is Manrico and today I want to explain what I would do, of course, with your help, with my site. As you've already noticed I called this site clubnetwork 2014 because this name? simple! I would like to create an online club where anyone can sell their products and, why not, buy from other dealers. So, in a nutshell, an online shopping mall.

In a good shopping center can not miss the music and here you can listen to really good music. Of course we are talking about "Pandora music" Italian group really cool. Why not try to know them better?

And then ..... a good perfume 

we do not want to talk about? 

in the words of the wonderful Marilyn Monroe "there is nothing better than going to bed dressed only in a drop of good scent" and what aspects? Continue your walk in perfumery ...... and I'll see you soon! ok?

The beard appears to be the true # trend of the moment. From the cinema to the catwalks, even the beard has its own style icons. "Five o'Clock shadow" more commonly "beard of the five in the morning," the beard begins to look at 12 hours after shaving. Just a beard rule for short hair to keep it forever ... perfectly unkempt. Beard short: a symbol of great self-care and attention to detail. Its length size 5, maximum 7 mm. The mustache, well-defined, harmoniously framed his lips. Full Beard: beard par excellence. Beard, mustache and sideburns grown evenly over the entire face. It requires a lot of patience, but the end result will completely satisfy lovers of style!

FM GROUP is a dynamic company in its sector and sells products at a very competitive price , but above all , it offers its employees a type of sales which suits their needs. FM Group markets a wide range of products of high quality by adopting as a system of selling the MULTI LEVEL MARKETING ( MLM). what is the difference between this type of sale and as we all know ? Here we propose a comparison between the retail and the MLM. RETAIL SALES : This type refers to the purchase of sale of products directly into the store where the customer has to first go to choose among the various products on display and eventually pay for it. MLM : this method of selling exceptional uses its own sales network (network ) to market their products on a large scale. In both cases, the price plays a key role. In the case of the retail price of the product is influenced by various factors such as advertising , transport, storage etc. , in MLM all these charges do not exist allowing , in this way , to break down in a considerable way the final cost of the product. Who earns in a given distribution system ? In retail earn : Manufacturer , transport company, retailer and many more .... in the case of MLM , however, the gain is shared between the producer and the final seller ! MLM offers three chances to win: 1 as co-workers paid less than the purchase of products ! 2 as a charge to the gain on sale margin ! 3 as a sponsor increased earnings by expanding your distribution structure -network ! what are the advantages of being responsible for the sale in the system of Multi Level Marketing? Working time flexibility : you decide how much time to devote to work ! Choosing the workplace : you decide where to make an appointment with your customers ! Independence: you decide your goals and your priorities in total autonomy , so as to make the job a pleasure ! choice of collaborators : you decide , in full freedom, who to choose for your network marketing ! ! All without risking your capital!

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Discover the style of the most important cities today ... with you in NEW YORK CITY! Lips vitamin, embodied nature and bushy eyebrows here is shaping up as the make up of the Big Apple for next spring / summer. Forget (at least for a while ') of land, blush, lip gloss and neutral ... tweezers. We can sum up in three words i ‬ ‪ # musthave summer 2014: few but good. The real trends for spring / summer 2014 will be the ‬ ‪ # lipsticks, which will have very little red, it will be orange, in all its shades, the real super star! For facial skin, nothing dictated by contrast blush, but the skin smooth and as natural as possible. Password: ‬ ‪ # CCcream! Eyebrows? Especially! Put away tweezers and fine lines to frame the eyes and perfect your ability to use the pencils for ‬ ‪ # eyebrows and eyeliner above: your eyes will be always on top!

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